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Our first batch was in Jan 2004 where there are 23 participants. Every year there will only one intakes on July. if you miss this intake you will have to wait for next year intake. To ensure the best experience to participants, the intake will be closed once we received the confirmation from 25 participants. The program is designed to cater for those who are working in Klang Valley (nearby Kuala Lumpur) area and who would like to upgrade their job skill. This program is not catered for foreign students who want to do CCNA as part of their part-time studies. This homepage will be updated from time to time Nevertheless, if you have any question, you can send us an email to ciscommu at


1. Duration
The program offers a four-semester long course to be completed within a period of six months to eight months. After completing the course, you are equipped with required knowledge and skill to sit for CCNA Certification examination conducted by CISCO certification vendor VUE. Certification exam fee is not included in the tuition fee and candidates have to pay separately to the respectively test center. Student who scores proficiency in their online exam will be given a one time (70% roughly) discount to do their certification exam. The discount voucher policy (validity, rate and for which exam) will varies from time to time. Upon passing the certification examination, you will achieve a certification titled "CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE, CCNA" valid for 3 years which is highly sought after in the industry.


2. Class Hour
Lecture and Lab classes will be conducted during Saturday, Sunday or public holiday 9am - 5 pm every month.
Class date and time can be rescheduled to suit the majority needs of participants. From our experience, most of the classes will be conducted on Saturdays.


3. Syllabus
The syllabus base will be based on CCNA 200-125 certification exam. (latest exam)
50% lab hand-ons practical.
50% theory.
Online chapter exam to enhance your knowledge.
Skill Based exam at the end of each semester.


Tentative Schedule


3.1 CCNA 1. Network Basics. 1st Aug - 28th Sept (current year)
Chapter 1: Exploring the Network
Chapter 2: Configuring a Network Operating System
Chapter 3: Network Protocols and Communications
Chapter 4: Application Layer
Chapter 5: Transport Layer
Chapter 6: Network Layer
Chapter 7: IP Addressing
Chapter 8: Subnetting IP Networks
Chapter 9: Network Access
Chapter 10: Ethernet
Chapter 11: It is a Network


3.2 CCNA 2.Routing and Switching. 1st Oct - 30th Nov (current year)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Switched Networks
Chapter 2: Basic Switching Concepts and Configuration
Chapter 3: VLANs
Chapter 4: Routing Concepts
Chapter 5: Inter-VLAN Routing
Chapter 6: Static Routing
Chapter 7: Routing Dynamically
Chapter 8: Single-Area OSPF
Chapter 9: Access Control Lists
Chapter 10: DHCP
Chapter 11: Network Address Translation for IPv4


3.3 CCNA 3. Scaling Networks. 1st Dec (current year) - 30th Jan (following year)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Scaling Networks
Chapter 2: LAN Redundancy
Chapter 3: Link Aggregation
Chapter 4: Wireless LANs
Chapter 5: Adjust and Troubleshoot Single-Area OSPF
Chapter 6: Multiarea OSPF
Chapter 7: EIGRP
Chapter 8: EIGRP Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting
Chapter 9: IOS Images and Licensing


3.4 CCNA 4. Connecting Networks 1st Feb - 15th April (following year)
Chapter 1: Hierarchical Network Design
Chapter 2: Connecting to the WAN
Chapter 3: Point-to-Point Connections
Chapter 4: Frame Relay
Chapter 5: Network Address Translation for IPv4
Chapter 6: Broadband Solutions
Chapter 7: Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity
Chapter 8: Monitoring the Network
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting the Network


4. Fee
1.MMU charged the fee to student based on cost-recovery and non-profit basis . We still maintain our pricing despite many challenges faced by the industry. You can briefly check the prices and duration offered by other vendors.
2.RM1000.00 per semester excluding 6% GST charges. RM4000.00 for four semester.excluding 6% GST charges
3.Fee are payable on each semester.
4.Fee are due on the first week of each semester.
5.Students who have completed CCNA 1, CCNA 2 or CCNA 3 in MMU or from another academy, please send me an e-mail (ciscommu at ).


5. Lot of Equipment available for lab hands-on

Course will conducted by CCAI-CCNA (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor for CCNA. (Instructors who had passed their CCNA Certification Exam and attended 4 semesters of CCNA Instructor training). The instructors are CCNP Certified and HCIE Certified.


1. Application can be done via email to (ciscommu at ). We will keep you inform via email.
2. Interested participants can come to MMU for free 2 hours preview on July every year . The briefing will focus on how to get your CCNA, various options, certification path etc. The date, time and location of the preview will be announced later. Priority will be given to those who had sent/email in their application form.
3. The class wills commerce on early August 2016
For further information or enquiries please e-mail us at (ciscommu at ) We will keep you updated via e-mail. You can also visit our facebook page at https:://