Welcome to MMU Cisco Networking Academy




Please free feel to contact us via email ,


Please contact us via the above email and not via other means communication such as lecturer email addresses, phone etc. This enable us to keep track of all communications related to cisco academy matters. We seek your kind cooperation on this. Even if you send your information to other email address, it will eventually forwarded to this email address. Normally there will be an email respond with 2-3 days.

We running the Cisco Program on cost recovery, non-profit basis with little marketing effort. The fee is low, the duration is long and the marketing man-power is limited. We only run the CCNA/CCNP program once every year. When you contact us, we will normally ask you to come for the briefing on certain dates (Normally in July/August every year). Many participant make a big WHO HA! stating inability to contact us. When we ask them to come for the briefing many did not turn up. You have plenty of time to plan for the course.

For foreign students (non-Malaysian), you must have an existing student VISA or working VISA. The immigration department will not approved any VISA for part time studies.

The Cisco Academy Program (working adults) is normally conducted on Saturday or Sunday once a week. The program is offered on a part-time basis with not more than 12 hours per week of in-class time. Each course (one semester) will take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete. The course is mainly catered for people who are already based in Klang Valley. Their may be a full-time student studying within 50 km range from Kuala Lumpur area or working within 50 km range from Kuala Lumpur area.

Initially, the email is cisco@mmu.edu.my but the account was accidently deleted by the Admin staff in 2007, we lost all our customer email as it is not associated to a staff ID. Thus, we decided to use the above account. Anyway, nowsadays, most people forward their email to their gmail account. Since we have been using this email since 2007, we will keep using it for easily reference.